DreamFest No Prep North Carolina 2023

On July 1st, 2023, Rockingham Dragway in North Carolina transformed into a battleground of raw power and automotive passion as DreamFest No Prep 2023 roared to life. This high-octane automotive lifestyle event delivered heart-pounding action, bringing together drag racing aficionados and enthusiasts of all things on wheels.

The main event, the no prep drag racing shootout with a North vs. South theme, was nothing short of spectacular. Competitors pushed their machines to the limit on a track without the usual traction-enhancing preparations, resulting in tire-squealing chaos and electrifying races. The weather in Rockingham, North Carolina, on that day added a twist to the competition, with intermittent rain showers testing the skills of the racers and keeping spectators on their toes.

Amidst the racing mayhem, the auto show celebrated the artistry of automotive design, welcoming all types of cars and trucks to showcase their unique styles. The live DJ's music provided a pulsating soundtrack to the event, while food trucks and the trackside grill satisfied appetites with a range of delectable treats. Vendors added to the excitement, offering a diverse array of automotive gear and merchandise.

DreamFest No Prep 2023 was an unforgettable day that embraced the chaos and passion of drag racing against a backdrop of unpredictable weather. July 1st, 2023, will forever be etched in the memories of those who witnessed this thrilling automotive showdown, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next installment of DreamFest's adrenaline-fueled spectacle. Enjoy some photo coverage from the event below.

Photos by Gianni Rosario

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