DreamFest Colorado 2023

On September 23rd, 2023, the picturesque Morrison, Colorado, served as the backdrop for an automotive extravaganza of epic proportions as DreamFest Colorado took over Bandimere Speedway. This automotive lifestyle event marked the end of an era, as it was the last car show ever hosted at the historic venue before its closure. Car enthusiasts from all corners flocked to this grand finale to celebrate their shared passion for all things automotive.

The heart of DreamFest Colorado was the auto show, a stunning spectacle featuring an incredible array of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This event welcomed all types of vehicles, from classic gems to modern marvels, making it a true celebration of automotive diversity. Against the backdrop of Morrison's picturesque landscape, each vehicle gleamed with unique charm.

The drag racing and roll racing fun runs brought the thunder to the track, as racers pushed their machines to the limit in a quest for speed and glory. The 2-step competition, a rev battle like no other, added an auditory dimension to the event, creating a symphony of exhaust notes that resonated throughout the venue.

Models added glamour to the scene, while DJ Kevan provided the pulsating soundtrack that kept the energy levels high. The trackside grill served up mouthwatering delights, satisfying appetites and keeping the festivities fueled. Vendors added to the experience with an eclectic range of automotive gear and merchandise.

As the sun bathed Bandimere Speedway in its golden glow on September 23rd, the weather cooperated splendidly, enhancing the atmosphere. DreamFest Colorado 2023 will forever be remembered as a bittersweet farewell to an iconic venue, a day when automotive enthusiasts gathered to pay tribute to their shared passion. Though the venue may have closed its doors, the spirit of DreamFest Colorado lives on in the hearts of all who attended, leaving them eagerly anticipating the future of automotive enthusiasm in Colorado.

Photos by Gianni Rosario

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